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Feature List...

Easy Password Manager has a great many features. The integrated help guide contains the most comprehensive description of the features and how to use them, but below is a list of some of them with a short description:

Secure Password Management- At the core of the application is the ability to store and organise you passwords and login details in a single secure location. The interface to the application makes it easy to reference the data when needed.

Auto Login Feature- The Auto Login feature provides single click access to many online Internet accounts. For example, the user could configure Easy Password Manager so that pressing the "Login" button once, automatically navigates to their online Email account, fills out the username and password fields, and then clicks the login button, all from one click within the Main Password window. This feature is only for users using Internet Explorer (5 and above for best results).

Form Filler - The Form Filler is integrated into Easy Password Manager and is there to provide a single secure place to store your personal and credit card details that are often required when filling out online forms. This information can easily be called up for reference and the fields can be dragged from Easy Password Manager onto web forms. There is also an Auto Fill facility which you will find details on below.

Auto Form Fill - When the user encounters a web form asking them for the name and address details it can be quite frustrating. With the Auto Form Filler*, the user can press the Auto Fill Button and EPM will fill out the name and address fields for you. This works using Artificial Intelligence within EPM. The AI looks at a web page and works out which fields are what and then using information you have provided, it fills out the address fields for you. Auto Form Fill will not work with every website, but the few it does not work with, the user can still drag fields across from EPM onto the web form.

Strong Encryption - Easy Password Manager uses industry standard as well as custom encryption routines. This means that without a users Master Password, the data is scrambled into an unreadable form. The very nature of encryption makes it practically impossible to decode the data without the master password.

Trust Assurance / Privacy Policy - We can assure you that Easy Password Manager does not misuse your private information in anyway. What we mean by this is that the information is only stored on your local PC in an encrypted format. None of your private information or passwords are sent to a central server or any third parties. No adverts are contained within Easy Password Manager and at no time does it monitor your internet activities.

System Tray Icon Functionality - Easy Password Manager can be operated from the Windows Task Bar System Tray. This makes EPM appear to be integrated into the Windows Operating system allowing it to be hidden when not in use but called into action very quickly when required.

Integrated Help guide - Easy Password Manager has been designed to be as intuitive as possible, but for those occasions where you need to know the full details of a particular function there is an excellent context sensitive help guide integrated with EPM.

Detailed Preference / Customisation Settings- Easy Password Manager tries to keep the user in complete control. A full range of settings and customisation options are available allowing the user to tailor specific features to behave how they would like.

Password Generator - Easy Password Manager includes a password generator to help you out on those times that you cannot think of one for your self. The characteristics of the generated password can be customised.

One Button Backup Option - Backing up your Easy Password Manager databases is important in the event of PC failure. With Easy Password Manager the process is very simple thanks to the new One Button Backup feature. With this feature all your password files can be transferred to a set location of your choosing, be that a floppy disk, network drive or any where on your Windows file system with just a few clicks.

Import and Export features for user management - Backup features are available including the ability to export and import user databases has been added. This also means you can now define the location of a user database to one of your liking and this can even be across the network on a mapped network driver if necessary. It also makes it easy to use a database in more then one place like a laptop and a home PC for example.

Graphical Interface - Easy Password Manager uses a colourful attractive graphical interface that we believe contributes to the intuitiveness of using the application.


(* Requires Internet Explorer 5 or greater to get full benefit)